When will we learn who pays our salaries and wages?


May 27, 2014

Customer Service has been a hot button for as long as I can remember. Most organizations say they give the best customer service, when in fact, they do not. The reasons are that the powers that be are too... [read more]

The Merry Month of May


May 13, 2014

Alas, it appears that the weather has finally broken from the long Winter and is catapulting us rapidly through Spring and knocking hard on the door of Summer. The Sun is shining consistently, the wind is... [read more]

What is your business batting average


March 31, 2014

Since baseball season starts this week, I am re-posting a blog I wrote several years ago that still applies, concerning the relationship between baseball and business.  Enjoy.


I love baseball. I love... [read more]

Health and Your Business


March 18, 2014

Almost everywhere I go, I run into people from all walks of life discussing Health in one form or another. Physical Health, Mental Health, the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, weight loss programs for better... [read more]

Business Lessons from Coach Lombardi


February 2, 2014

Today is Superbowl Sunday. And with that comes memories of one of the influential people in my life and how his lessons can be applied to business and continue to ring clear today.


Vince Lombardi was... [read more]

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