It was great visiting and reviewing the past month. Thank you for all that you do to help me have a better business. We will get there one day. I have a good feeling about 2022.

SJ Lloyd
Cardinal Wood Landscapes

Thank you, that means a lot coming from you.
I was hoping to give him (his son) the advantage of your expertise at 28 as opposed to when you started helping me at 48. I told him yesterday l owe a great deal of my current level of success to you helping me get my mess together over the last 8 years. And I encouraged him to gain knowledge and hopefully by the time he's my age he will be way further ahead than I am at this stage of my life. Very much thanks for all your help over the years and thank you so much for mentoring my son. 

Belmonte Auto Imports

I'm so excited to share with you that I hit the X figure mark in revenue for the first time, and I'm over the moon excited. It's because of the positive force by folks like you in my life that this was possible. I appreciate you.

M. Diehl
Melanie and Company

Thank you for your help all those years ago as it helped create a business foundation that has led to us having opportunities like this: hosting the third Annual Small Business Internship Fair partnering with Poole College of Management Career Center at NC State University. I really appreciate your mentorship and coaching for that time, it made a tremendous positive impact. A little of your legacy will be passed on with us! 

Tedd Kincaid

Thanks Mike.  The meeting was extremely productive and helpful.  We look forward to continuing to work with you with the goal of making our practice better in a variety of ways.

Ryan Nemitz
Mitchell & Nemitz, PA

The past two years have been rough within my business partnership. Mike has continued to be supportive. He continually redirects me towards my goal of a successful livelihood. In other words - Thank you Mike for keeping me sane!

Gail Craft

Your to do list system is awesome!!!  I have billed 24 hours in 4 days.

HWB Attorney at Law

Mike McConchie is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of growing a business and business in general.   I just recently started a second business and could not have done it without Mikes experience and knowledge. Mike is able to help take very daunting tasks and break them down into manageable pieces. He does this by helping determine what tasks need to be done between meetings and keeping his clients accountable for those tasks.
I would highly suggest Mike McConchie for any new business or startup. He would also be a great asset to any business needing help restructuring or getting back their focus! 
Mike can help any business of any size move forward!
Thank you,
David Mansfield

David Mansfield

You are my hero!
Thank you so much for your help.

Kim Valentine
Director of Zebulon Chamber of Commerce

Dear Mike:
In March of 2014 I took your "Developing your Plan" workshop, and you taught some simple yet effective strategies to goal setting, and achieving.


Thank you for teaching me the "SMART" goal setting strategy. You asked me to write down a specific, measurable, achievable goal that I could measure the results in a specific time frame. One of my goals was to add "water aerobics" to my class schedule for the summer. I am certified to teach water aerobics and have not had the facility (pool) to achieve this goal in two years. I thought it would be achievable but wasn't sure how to go about it, so I wrote it down as a goal, set a start date to work on it (March 15th, 2014) with a Due Date of June 1st ... the beginning swim season.


I kept this goal beside my computer on my kitchen table for two weeks. I looked at the goals everyday, and because I had a start date attached to it, I felt compelled to start working on it. I started by looking into pools in the Knightdale area, I contacted the Knightdale Recreation department by e-mail and asked if they would consider allowing me to teach water aerobics in their community pool. As it turns out, they were looking for a new instructor, the water aerobic instructor had advised she would not be teaching this summer, my timing was perfect. We went back and forth by email, I sent a proposal and flier to them outlining my ideas and they responded with some requirements for me to be able to teach. I was able to provide all the necessary paperwork, proof of professional insurance, and legal documents to fulfill their contract. They were pretty impressed I had no issues with their requirements, and were happy to have a professional response to their requests.  Subsequently, I landed the contract with the town, and as of June 3rd, I will be teaching water aerobics in Knightdale two mornings a week for the summer.


Your class taught me how easy it is to achieve my goals, simply by using the "SMART" goal setting technique. I have six other goals that I wrote down on that list last March, I have achieved one other goal and am working on a third.


Thank you for your professionalism, for your time and your patience.  I spend a lot of time helping others set and attain their personal goals, and unfortunately neglect some of my own.  I appreciate your support and guidance in helping me achieve my own personal and business goals!  Thanks again!

Julie Lively
Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Thanks for yesterday, it was the kick I needed to get some systems in place for my office as well as go through the 2 foot (no lie) high pile on top of my desk. I am, as I type, making headway on the disaster.

Thanks again for your motivating seminar!

Beth Massey, Owner
Wake Forest Art and Frame Shop

Mike is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented business coach. I have been working with Mike for two years and, like most businesses, I was off to a slow start. Thanks to Mike my business has been steadily growing and been more profitable. One of the things that I really appreciate is that Mike can take what seems like a unsurmountable task and break it down into bite-sized pieces that are manageable. Before you know it your goals are met! Mike has a vast knowledge of all types of business and would be a great asset to any sized business that is looking to grow. Thanks for all you have done for Mansfield Computing Solutions!

David Mansfield
Mansfield Computing Solutions

The reason why I enjoy so much meeting with you... Because you listen and are supportive.  Thank you so much.

Ben Rutter, Owner
Leaves Out, Raleigh Gutter Guard

After much encouragement from a friend, I attended Mike's 90-day planning session. The session was very insightful and the cost to attend was the best investment I have made in my business. I encourage all business owners to take the time and make the investment in their business and in themselves. Thank you, Mike, for your commitment to helping business owners succeed.

Melanie Diehl
Your Social Media Gal

I have hired the best business coach in the business to help me as well! Thanks Mike.

Lenny Fairfield
Fairfield Financial

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for this.  I can’t thank you enough for your insight.  You really got a lot out of me in our short meeting.  I will use this 90 Day plan as my business bible.  And I will have fun brainstorming about my USP.  Also, thanks for the Goal Setting worksheet.  Brian and I had an interesting hour learning about each other…..after 27 years, I guess there is still room to learn about your life partner!  It was fun. Thanks, Coach!

Janice Williams
Williams Payment Solutions

I am SO IMPRESSED!  This looks fabulous!  I’m going to rush it to our president, Linda Taylor.  We’ll be so proud to present it to our board tomorrow.  Will be in touch!  Thanks, again!

Ginnie D. Currin
Granville County Chamber of Commerce

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much -  And it was my pleasure to share my thoughts with the group about you and Profit Club and how my life has been changed by both. I met you for a reason Mike and I am very grateful. 

Lisa Frankel

Mike is an inspiring, knowledgeable and motivating business coach. I appreciate and count on his objectivity and honesty. He is highly professional, a kind person, a joy to work with and quite generous with his time. His coaching and advice has helped me grow both of my businesses exponentially and he has taught me many skills that I credit with making me a better, more effective business professional.

Nancy Bolts
Bolts Creative Communication

Mike, Just a few words of gratitude for your coaching and your commitment to us and our business. Often, initial promises wear thin over the course of time, on the contrary your work with us has delivered value that has deepened over these months. Thank you for the genuine concern for us, our business and our future.

Bernard Mumford
Mumford Restoration