What We Offer

Individual and Group Coaching, Seminars, and Workshops, on various business topics, designed economically to help small business owners that believe in life long education, need help with their business, or just want to sharpen their skills.

Speaking Topics

Speaking topics cover a variety of categories that will help you and your business.


  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Time Management
  • Increasing Profits
  • 28 Reasons to Grow Your Business... [read more]


A Business Consultant recognizes that all businesses are unique and provides you with objective feedback on your business, working shoulder to shoulder with you, advising you on how to enhance the... [read more]

Mentoring and Coaching

Who was your first coach? Many miss the point that our parents were our first coaches. Our entire lives we have had coaches, parents, siblings, teachers, athletic coaches, advisors, and in many... [read more]

Group Coaching

Networking groups are important, however, the challenge is finding and participating in a group that is like minded and truly focused on business education and motivation.


Our group... [read more]

Development and Training

Our Team Development Services includes Management Development as well as Training and Teaching services for all team members. The goal of team development is to free the owner and other key... [read more]


We have all had coaches from our first steps, until… Sometimes our egos tell us that we can do it all and sometimes we go into business because we are convinced that we know how to do whatever we do,  without help. I believe everyone needs a coach. Someone to look in from the outside, without a vested interest, to support, encourage, challenge, tell you the truth, make you stretch, etc. The great business leaders, the top athletes, the top professionals all have coaches – they may call it something else, but in essence they have coaches. That is what we offer – everything from consulting to mentoring, from coaching to workshops to team development. We work with many different industries helping them understand the business of business and develop their entrepreneurial skills. We help business owners Grow their Business, Grow their Profits and Grow Themselves.