Group Coaching

Networking groups are important, however, the challenge is finding and participating in a group that is like minded and truly focused on business education and motivation.


Our group coaching programs are designed for owners of small and medium sized businesses that want the education but are not yet ready for one-on-one mentoring or want to find out more about what business coaching brings to the table prior to going into a mentoring program.


Group coaching will help you maximize your potential, build your business, your network, and your profits. These business building sessions will teach you how to devote time to work ON your business and educate you about how to grow your business as well as handling challenges and opportunities.


Group Coaching is often a stepping stone into one-on-one Mentoring. The major difference between Group Coaching and one-on-one Mentoring is that the one-on-one Mentoring is laser focused on your business while the Group Coaching is more general and concept based.


Grow your Business.  Grow your Profits.  Grow Yourself - by attending a workshop or seminar.