What is your Unique Selling Proposition?


December 13, 2013

The real question is - Why should I buy from you instead of your competition?


Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what sets you apart, what gives you the competitive edge, what makes you special.  If there is nothing different about you, the only reasons people will buy from you are price and/or location.  Being different can get you attention.  You must stand out in the crowd.


Your USP should be truly unique, that is exciting to your target market, something that will have your customers telling their friends and families.  Can you define the uniqueness of Disney?  Nordstrom’s?  Coors?  Of course you can.  You need to create the same “UNIQUENESS” about your business.  Your marketing must convey your uniqueness and why someone should buy from you today.  You need to get your potential customers attention – to take notice of YOU.  Your USP needs to be promoted any way you can – receipts, invoices, on your website, letterhead, business cards, ads.


And, if you are truly unique – shout it from the roof tops!


So what do you do if you do not have a Unique Selling Proposition?  You need to discover what is special about your company, your product, your service.  You need to ask yourself what sets you apart from your competitors.  If you cannot identify anything, you need to make some changes that will set you apart.  And when you do start telling consumers about your USP, you need to live up to it.


If you think about it, you are constantly making decisions on where to buy a product or service.  Are you making the decision because of location, because of price, or because there is something special about where you buy from?  Your potential customers/clients make those same decisions.  There are wonderful amusement parks all over the country, yet Disney sets the standard.  Why, because they have something the others do not.  They have a truly Unique Selling Proposition.  Do you?