Good Customer Service Does Exist


February 23, 2015

Two weeks ago I wrote about several horrifying customer service experiences. At the end of the blog, I conveyed that I was going to set my reticular activating system to attract good customer service. The very next day, I had two very positive encounters, and the day after, another.


First, one of my bad experiences was that I had an on line gift certificate with a company and when I went to use it, it was not there. I emailed the company and explained the situation on Sunday. Since they were closed, I did not expect a response until Monday. First thing Monday morning, I received a short email conveying their apologies and that they would look into the situation and get back to me when after they investigated. Later that day, I got another apology where they took the entire blame and that the situation was fully rectified. I went on line and yes, it was resolved and I was able to use the on line gift certificate immediately. This is an excellent example of taking ownership and fixing an issue immediately, and the positive effect it has on those that are served. In my experience, when I uses to deal with challenges of my charges and/or my companies failing to deliver the proper level of customer service, I believed that swift action to resolve the problem, taking ownership of the issue, would generally help the customer change their opinions and look highly on the company, the store, and me. In fact, quite often, they expressed their appreciation and would continue to shop with us because they knew we were concerned about our shortcomings and would act to resolve our opportunities.


One of my other nightmarish experiences involved a doctor’s office. The day after my blog was written I had a wonderful experience at a different doctor’s office. This office has many specialists and is quite busy. When I arrived, I noticed a line forming at the receptionist desk; before I got to the line it was diminished as the office was staffed with enough intake personnel to handle each and every one quickly. Since there was no line, I was taken immediately. What a concept—a business staffed properly! The intake person reviewed my information quickly and asked me to take a seat. Within two minutes, the nurse beckoned me to the back. She was very knowledgeable and took notes on my answers to her questions. She stated that the doctor would be in shortly. To my surprise and pleasure, the doctor arrived within a couple of minutes. He discussed my issues with me and stated he wanted to take x-rays to ensure full knowledge of my situation. He left and within another couple of minutes, the x-ray technician arrived and escorted me to the room for my x-rays, where she turned me over to another technician that was in training. The in training technician was pleasant and worked diligently to get all the pictures the doctor wanted. The first technician worked closely with her to ensure all the i’s were dotted and I was out of x-ray, relatively quickly and back to my examination room. The doctor returned shortly. Again this was much quicker than I have grown accustomed to experiencing in a doctor’s office. He examined areas of concern, showed me the x-rays and communicated with me as to his diagnosis and options for treatment. He even wrote notes that he gave me that I could read—outlining the issues and options. After a few questions he left. A few minutes later the nurse came in with prescriptions to be filled. I had another question for the doctor and she had him return after he finished with his next examination. He answered the question quickly and I was on my way to check out. Again, I was taken immediately and told that my prescriptions had been called to my pharmacy and I was on my way. I even told the checkout person of my pleasurable experience during this visit. This was a truly great experience, especially for someone that got less than desirable news from the doctor.


The next night I attended a banquet that had a buffet meal. Generally the banquets I attend include standing in a long line waiting to get food. This banquet was so well coordinated that when our table, which was in the back, was asked to proceed to the food, there was no line and we were able to go through the tables very quickly.


Amazing, three excellent customer service experiences in two days. This proves it can happen. Excellent customer service does exist. Yes, you need to expect it. You should expect it. The law of attraction does work. I wanted and expected excellent customer service and I received it.


Are you getting the customer service you want? If not, set your reticular activating system to expect it and see what happens!