Fun, Fun, Fun


January 27, 2014

Just like in the Beach Boys song of the 60’s – you need to have FUN, FUN, FUN, til Daddy takes the T-Bird away. In our case as business owners, managers, sales people, entrepreneurs, we need to have FUN, FUN, FUN, at/with WORK!


Ask yourself if you are truly having FUN at work, in your business, running your business. If not, why are you doing it? Yes we all have challenges, and yes we all have times when things are tough, but are we having FUN resolving those issues?


As conveyed before, I am an avid baseball fan. During the World Series last year, in game 5, the Cardinals and Red Sox were tied at two games apiece. At one point in the game, the Cardinals were leading and the Red Sox looked flat. In the Red Sox dugout a team meeting was taking place in the middle of the game, something you rarely, if ever see in a Major League baseball game. The Fox Sports commentators noted that David Ortiz, Big Popi, was conducting the meeting and probably telling the team to get their act together and play like they are capable. Shortly thereafter, Jonny Gomes hit a homerun to put the Red Sox ahead for good, winning that game and followed that with a strong win in game 6 for their third World Championship in 10 years.


The day after the meeting, I was listening to MLB Network radio and a Red Sox player was being interviewed. He was asked about the meeting and told by the commentators what they thought was said during the meeting – basically the same thing the TV analysts communicated the night before. The player told them “NO.” That was not what the meeting was about – Big Popi called the team together and told them that they had FUN all year long and now on the biggest stage of the season and in many of their careers, they were not having FUN. His message was to go out and have FUN like they had all year. The team almost immediately turned it around and never looked back in their quest.


Most of us spend way too much time at work, building our businesses, working ON our business not to have FUN doing it. In fact, most of us spend more time with our work/business than with our families. Again, I ask, are you truly having FUN? If not, make a change or get out. To make that change, challenge yourself by measuring your dissatisfaction with where you are in your business. Is it enough to propel you into a change? If not, you are too comfortable not having fun, enjoying your career/work/business – your resistance to change is too high. If the dissatisfaction dare I say it, PAIN is not high enough for you to do something about it, guess what, there will be no change. Besides if you are not having FUN, you are probably doing it wrong anyway.


We are at our best when we feel good and one of the things that make us feel good is FUN! Mindset is such an important part of our effectiveness. Keeping FUN in focus will help you move forward. Enjoying your work, having FUN will make your work day fly, will have a positive impact on your business and your results, will make you feel good!


Have FUN, FUN, FUN …