The Merry Month of May


May 13, 2014

Alas, it appears that the weather has finally broken from the long Winter and is catapulting us rapidly through Spring and knocking hard on the door of Summer. The Sun is shining consistently, the wind is... [read more]

Getting All You Want Out of Life


May 6, 2014

How are you tracking on your quest to achieve your life’s dreams and goals – your vision of your life? Do you have a life plan to make the vision, dreams, and goals happen? Do you really have a life plan? My... [read more]

Work Life Balance


April 29, 2014

Most people I encounter have time challenges. Many are overwhelmed at work; do not have the time they would like with loved ones, time for themselves and scream out for a work life balance that helps them... [read more]

America Strong


April 21, 2014

Last week all of the Sunday morning news shows reflected on last year’s Boston Marathon bombing. Meet the Press did an exceptional job of remembering and conveying how the city and the Bostonians responded... [read more]

Two Heads are Better than One


April 15, 2014

As long as we can remember, we have been told that two heads are better than one. It is instilled in us at an early age that discussing, collaborating, working together—dare I say team work, brainstorming... [read more]

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