Who has your back?


November 04, 2014

I was watching the Sunday morning news programs and was struck by this comment from a strategist about this election. She conveyed that most people are not happy with the Democratic or Republican parties. When it comes time to vote—crunch time, people will ask themselves who has their back?


That very statement really bothered me. In many ways it makes me think of being protected to the point of hindering my growth. It makes me think that what I do is ok and that someone will “have my back” instead of holding me accountable. Do I really want someone running the country that is going to have my back or do I want someone leading the country that will move the country forward, support free enterprise and enable us to grow and lead, thus providing us with the opportunities to build lives, careers, families to take advantage of the incredible abundance available in this country and this world.


I do not want to be given the American dream; I want to earn it. I want to be able to utilize my brain to move me forward and to take advantage of opportunities, to deal with challenges, to grow mentally, physically, spiritually. I want to live; not merely survive by being provided for. I want to have control of my destiny. I want to go for the brass ring.


I want my representatives to move this country forward, not stay and/or force gridlock. I want them to form a “more perfect union, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense.” I want them to be able to negotiate and compromise for the “general welfare.” I do not want a welfare state, I want a state where the government gets out of my way. I want to be held accountable for what I produce, for my results and I want to be able to hold my representatives accountable for their production and results.


Hold your representatives accountable. VOTE!