Scary Statistics


March 06, 2015

I ran across some statistics the other day that were disturbing, appalling, and just scary. Unfortunately I do not know the initial source of the stats, but they were printed in the Raleigh News and Observer on Saturday, February 28th under the heading of Notable Numbers—Statistics from the past week that deserve a double take. They certainly had me do a double take.


The listing stated “37—The percentage of Republicans who say the United States stands above all other countries.” The list also stated “25—The percentage of Democrats who believe that.” “40—the percentage of all Americans older than 65 who believe that” and “15—the percentage of Americans 18-29 who do.”


Where did we go wrong? Why do so many believe that one or more other countries stand “above us?”


Is it the feeling of a lack of leadership from our Executive and Legislative branches? Is it that so many people feel Washington is broken? Is it because of a distrust of authority? Is it because life is just hard?


Is it because the bottom 99% of Americans think they are getting a raw deal? Is it because most felt they were getting or going to be rich and then the bottom dropped out in 2008 and many saw their mortgages get turned upside down?


Is it because we still have racial distrust? Is it because we often rule by minority and are continuing to strive for political correctness in all walks of life? Is it because of pay inequality for women? Is it because we are divided on religious beliefs? Is it because we are divided on lifestyle beliefs?


Is it because the baby boomers saw the greatness of this county and were unable to convey, instill, or drive home those beliefs in their children? Is it because of the American dream of owning a three bedroom or more house, a car and the ability to save enough money to put their kids through college is becoming harder and harder to achieve? Is it because the American dream of working for one company and collecting a pension at the end of 40 years is gone?


Is it that our education system has failed—from parents to schools and even the institutes of higher education?


Again I ask, what has caused this lack of faith, lack of pride, and lack of knowledge that has so many believing other countries “stand above us?”


The United States of America is the greatest country in the world. Yes we have problems, yes, we have disagreements on how things should work, yes we have money challenges—yet we are the wealthiest country on earth. Yes, life can be hard in this country, but it is still much better than the alternative.


This nation, this republic, this democracy has weathered many, many storms. In our lifetime we have demonstrated that we are the best and we are the envy of almost every country in the world. We have the strongest military, the best resources, and the best schools.


This does not mean others are not catching up to us. In some cases, other countries are in some arenas. But competition breeds improved performance. Yes, we need to fight to stay on top. We need to actively go after the brass ring. We should not be sitting here waiting for a handout from our government.


We are free to think, to do, to challenge—do those who think we do not “stand above” believe, truly believe it is better elsewhere? All you have to do is ask someone from another country why they moved here, or ask someone that has spent time in other countries, living, not visiting resorts, what it is like living in the other countries. Why so many, that have moved here from other countries save their money to help get their families here—it is because they know the United States “stands above” where they came from.


Freedom, Free Enterprise, The Constitution of the United States of America, The Bill of Rights, which includes the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, the Right to a Speedy Trial and Trial by Jury, enables us to “stand above” all other countries.


I am proud to be an American, living in the United States and I believe and have always believed that we DO “stand above” all other countries.


Do YOU believe the United States “stands above” all other countries? If you do, what are you doing about it? If you do not, what are you doing about it?