Building Your Winning Team


April 07, 2014

Over the years I have learned that one of the keys to success is being surrounded with the best, with talent. Not just in your business, but also in your personal life. You need people that are supportive, challenging, trustworthy advisors, effective at what they do, and most importantly they need to be positive.


The impact of positive thinking and positive influences can be incredible and truly shapes our futures. I have no doubt that having a positive attitude helped me in my battle with Cancer nine years ago and has been one of the attributes that I look for in those that I have surrounding me. None of us need dream stealers (those people that pull us down mentally and emotionally). We need positive influences that help us see silver linings, blue skies and look for opportunities and growth in challenges.


It starts with a Coach. Everybody needs a coach. In fact, we need many coaches. A business coach, a life coach, a member of the clergy, doctors, financial advisors, bankers, etc. Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, the President all have coaches. Some are called coaches, some are not. Even the great coaches, have coaches. They might not be called their coach—it might be their advisor, chief of staff, mentor, whatever, but they all can provide the same impact. They support, encourage, challenge, give feedback and insight, tell them the truth and not what they want to hear, make suggestions, educate, they help them stay focused (and we know we accomplish what we focus on), etc. They also hold them accountable. The fact is that most small business owners, people, unless it is their spouse, have no one to hold them accountable for doing what they say they are going to do and/or their results.


CPA’s or Accountants or Bankers or Financial Advisors can be effective financial coaches. I am amazed at how many business owners for that matter, every day people, do not have relationships with their Accountant, Banker, and/or Financial Advisor. This financial group should be advising (coaching) you on tax strategies, programs that maximize your investments, to maximize your results and helping you stay on top of your financials. I often run into business owners that have no budget, no cash flow forecasting system, and do not keep up with their books. As a result, they are not maximizing their profits, cash flow, or taking advantage of opportunities.


Medical Professionals and physical fitness trainers will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you let them, engage them, talk to them. The clergy will help with your spiritual needs—again if you let them.


Business Coaches help you with all aspects of your business. From clarity of where you want your business to go, to developing a plan to achieve your goals, to understanding and maximizing use of money/finance, to developing your human resources, to maximizing you and your teams productivity through effective time management, to growing your business sales and profits, to developing your entrepreneurial skills, and most importantly your mindset.


None of us are an island. We all need help to realize the incredible bounty that is available in life. We can reach out for it, but we need help. To do that we just need to ensure we are surrounding ourselves with the ones we perceive as the best.


Surround yourself with the right coaches, mentors, advisors. Obtain a Coach and/or several Coaches.