Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a consultant and a coach?


It is similar to the old adage, "give them a fish and feed them for a day, teach them to fish, they will eat for a lifetime." As a consultant I work with a client shoulder to shoulder, x number of hours a day, x number of weeks analyzing, teaching, making recommendations, helping them implement/change. Feeding them as much as they can handle. As a coach, I work with a client 1-2 hours every week, every other week, or monthly developing their entrepreneurial skills, much the way a teacher or athletic coach does. I support, encourage, challenge, hold them accountable, and teach.


What is the difference between Mentoring and Group Coaching?


Group Coaching is often a stepping stone into one-on-one Mentoring. The major difference between Group Coaching and one-on-one Mentoring is that the one-on-one Mentoring is laser focused on your business while the Group Coaching is more general and concept based.


What are the attributes of the most successful companies you work with?


The most successful companies I work with have written goals, a solid written plan on how to achieve those goals, a realistic budget and a cash flow tracking system.


What is the best marketing strategy?


Track and Evaluate results of every marketing strategy you attempt.


What is the biggest marketing challenge most business owners have?


Follow up. All business owners need a follow up system. Depending on the size of the business it can be anything from a sophisticated CRM system to simple spreadsheet. Finding the one that is right for you, that will be used is the critical piece.


What is the best way to get control of my time?


Track it. Once you go through the exercise of writing down all you do during a day for a week or several days, in 15 to 30 minute increments, you can identify what you are really doing, what the important time usages are, what the time wasters are and what the distractions are.


I am already working a lot of hours, how much more time will I be working?


At first, you may have to invest a few more hours to implement strategies, however my goal is to help you reduce your weekly time investment at least five hours per week by teaching you how to better leverage yourself.


What is the best coaching advice you give?


Two things: One is hire a coach. No one can do it alone and I believe everyone needs a coach, whether it is me or not does not matter, but everyone needs someone to challenge them, support them, encourage them and ask the touch questions. In fact, I went to a success seminar earlier this year in which many very successful people, from all walks of life spoke and that was the one message that came out loud and clear from the group.

The second is: Stop it! Most people get in their own way too much, some major in minor things and don’t focus on the most important - which is making money - profits. It is not what you sell or make. It is what you keep.


What do I need to do to start a business?


Take a class on how to open a business and/or get a Business Coach to help you dot the I's and cross the T's.


What is the biggest mistake businesses make with their marketing plan?


They do not do the math to determine if the marketing strategies they are employing will produce the necessary results based on anticipated leads and their conversion rate.


What is the cost of having a business coach?


When you consider the education, the reduced time in staying focused on the right things, the insight provided by a business coach and the accountability partnership, the investment is really minimal. I have programs that can meet any businesses needs and budgets.


What areas will you coach and/or consult in?


Sales, Marketing, Management, Team Development and Hiring, Time Management, Systems and Processes, Merchandising and Customer Service.